What Should We Learn From The Final Ending Of Farrah Fawcett?
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What Should We Learn From The Final Ending Of Farrah Fawcett?

Many of the ailments that man is heir to are readily discussed on the popular media. We believe that the condition that she is now facing, anal cancer, would not have been as hot media stuff if she were not Farrah Fawcett living with Ryan OÂ’Neal and unwed.

Several years ago as I and millions of other cable viewers were blithely watching Larry King Live on cable CNN, I quickly came to life when I heard what I never thought I would hear on popular cable shows. There sat Larry King proudly announcing, and I add the adverb as an adjective to the participle, proudly announcing, deliberately, that Farrah Fawcett is diagnosed as having anal cancer followed, of course, by Ryan O’Neal, as if that would lessen the blow of such a cheek reddening announcement. I am of the opinion that Farrah was breaking new ground into what is and what is not acceptable in the public domain. Much of the past ridicule involving anal diseases were usually associated with homosexual activity.

Ryan O’Neal's staggering news and admition about a popular beauty whom one would not, normally, associate with anal contact was met with a stone faced Larry King who as usual conducted his interview with what most of his followers assume to be his mantra (one that he used when doing an interview which is ' I am getting paid huge sums- I am getting paid huge sums- I am getting paid huge sums to do this)  Long live the King. 

We live in a media controlled society.  The media tells us what is and what is not proper.  They determine proper according to the latest dictator who controls the censorship departments at television, cable and radio channels.   The public has been brainwashed into the mindset of programmers who know what is and what isn’t acceptable family viewing venue. Beautiful women with very handsome leading men were not to be spoken of or connected with parts of the human body that is considered taboo discussions by religious sects like anal intercourse which is prohibited by the Bible.

Of course, the mindset of those programmers are as psychotic as those religions who pride themselves on cleaning up their churches of homosexuals and continuing the practice of it. Seeing Farrah reminded me of Doris Day whose leading man, at least one of them, was Rock Hudson and was said to have been in love with him. Of course, we were not to know that Rock Hudson was homosexual. We didn’t find out until after his death. And, now we come to the Farrah Fawcett dramatic expose of her latest diagnosis, anal cancer.  What was different with the Farrah  Fawcett problem was that she came out with her embarrassing disease when still living.  Now, that she has passed, I would like to offer her as a point of debate on our society's treatment of embarrassing illnesses that involve the anal area.

Now we have a beautiful woman, heterosexual, diagnosed with a condition that subconsciously, they hope, brings up images of a heterosexual couple, who may or may not, having engaged in anal intercourse.  Her relationship with Rock Hudson, a homosexual, was not opened for resolution by Larry King.  Such deliberate creative selection of what to ask and whom to ask it from we think is part of the censorship panels probably Larry King's advsiors themselves.

That supposition is, of course, left to the mind of the shocked public. And, might I add, the dismayed public that had images of a beautiful blond living quietly with a beautiful man shattered.  The supposition that her relationship with Ryan O'Neal was a coverup became obvious to those of us who knew a little about Farrah Fawcett's personal life. 

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