Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Women
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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Women

Urinary tract infection is an infection of the urinary tract that occur when bacteria from the intestines get into the urethra. Because the urethra, vagina, and anus are located so close together in the female genital area; it's easy for bacteria to get out of the intestine and into the urethra.

What is UTI

It is an infection of the urinary tract that occurs when bacteria from the intestine get into the urethra.  Because the urethra, vagina, and anus are located so close together in the female genital area it's easy for bacteria to get out of the intestine and into the urethra.  The infection create causes some highly unpleasant symptoms, it's painful, embarrassing and hard to get rid of.  It can interfere with your work, play with your emotions, and ruin your sex life.  Pregnant women should have regular urine tests to check for urinary tract infection.

UTI symptoms 

  • Frequent  urination.  When you have UTI,  you feel the urge to urinate much more often than usual, and that urge continues long after the bladder has been emptied.
  • Pain.  The pain usually starts as a burning sensation at the opening of the urethra during the urination.  The pain will spread to the bladder and kidneys if the infection isn't treated, until the entire urinary tract aches and burns.
  • Blood or pus in the urine
  • fever and chills
  • nausea, vomiting and diarrhea

Which doctor to see

You may want to see a urologist to make sure there are no structural problems causing you infections.  However, your gynecologist is well qualified to treat urinary-tract infection.


Causes of UTI

The vast majority of urinary tract infection attacks are precipitated by sex.  The lubricity created by foreplay creates a welcome environment for bacteria, and your partners finger, mouth or sex organ can inadvertently spread the bacteria from around the anus all over the genitalia.  All those bacteria on the genital surface have ample opportunities to get into the urethra, kidneys or bladder if you simply go to sleep after sex

The most important preventive measure is to urinate immediately after,  the flow of urine will help flush out any bacteria lingering on the surface that might otherwise migrate into the urethra during the night.  It's essential to wash your genitals with lukewarm water.  When you have a urinary tract infection, washing the genitals periodically will soothe inflamed tissue and ease the pain.


UTI remedies 

  • Drinking fluids.  Make sure you drink plenty of water.  One reasons some women are more susceptible to urinary tract infection than others is that bacteria adhere to the walls of their urethra more tenaciously  says a medical doctor.  Drinking lots of water will create a higher volume of urine, which will wash away any bacteria on the urethra lining.  Make sure you will urinate frequently enough to expel all those extra fluids; holding it in will irritate your urethra and your bladder.
  • Cranberry juice uti, or any other fruit juice with vitamin C, will slightly acidify the urine and make it less hospitable to bacteria.  The acidity of the urine will increase your pain so don't drink it when you're having an attack.
  •  Wiping from front to back, washing and drinking plenty of water are the essential preventive measure to ward off UTI.
  • Cotton underwear and panty hose with a cotton crotch are advisable; synthetic fabrics trap warm air and moisture, creating a perfect home for bacteria.
  • Avoid tight pants.  They confine bacteria closely to the genitals and irritate sensitive urethra.
  • Excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol cause dehydration, which can bring on a UTI attack.
  • Your worst enemies when you're the victim of recurrent urinary tract infection are your own emotions; feelings to helplessness and despair, all too common in the midst of an attack, can paralyze you.

Resource:  Woman Today magazine

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