How To Avoid UTI
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How To Avoid UTI

Urinary tract infection or UTI is preventable. You need to follow these measures to free your self from this terrible disease.

 UTI, or urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection of the parts of the urinary system. It is more prevalent in women than in men. It is primarily because of the anatomical structure wherein women’s urethra, the tube that allows the passage of the urine to be excreted, are shorter than in men, thus making it easier for the bacteria to get inside and infect the inner parts of the system. It is oftentimes associated with painful and urgent urination, scanty amount of urine, back pains, and if severe may manifest fever, chills, and diaphoresis (excessive sweating). To avoid UTI from occurring, here are some ways that you can do. These, however, are applicable to both men and women, as men are also vulnerable to this disease.

• Take plenty of fluid everyday, about 10 glasses. Basically, water only. This helps to normalize your urine excretion, thus preventing the bacteria to go inner because they have the tendency to be washed out as the urine passes through. There is actually no linked problem in drinking colas, coffees, or teas. In fact, these drinks contain substances that increase the amount of urine. However, these must be taken in moderate as they can also cause dehydration for excreting too much fluid in the body.

• Take a vitamin C supplement or eat plenty of foods rich in ascorbic acid. Because vitamin C is an acid, it can help to keep the urine to be acidic. If the urine is acidic, it creates an unpleasant environment for the bacteria to grow, thus preventing UTI. Fruit juices are rich in vitamin C that is why they are more suggestive, aside from water, as fluid sources. Cranberry juice is known to be two times more vitamin C content that the other juices and is even prescribed for those who have UTI.

• Hygiene is very important above all other measures in preventing urinary tract infection. You need to wash about two to three times a day or whenever necessary. A clean underwear is also very much recommended to be worn everyday at all times.

• Urinate whenever you feel like you have to. Never, never postpone urination because this has been the number one cause of many UTI’s everywhere in the world. Numerous professions are more prone to this situation like nurses, call center agents, teachers, doctors, and cashiers wherein they need to attend to the needs of their clients first before their own. Therefore, if what you are doing is not really a matter between life and death, take a few minutes of your time to go to the bathroom and release that toxic substance from your body. Holding your urine does not only allow the bacteria to build up and ascend to the inner part of the urinary system causing UTI, it can also damage the nerves that works on your sensation to pee, causing you not to feel the urge to pee anymore if practiced constantly.

• Avoid eating too much salty and fatty food. Salt and fats are hard to digest and they can form as stones in the kidneys depleting its normal functions. If this happens, you are more prone to be infected.

• If possible, urinate before and after coitus (sexual intercourse). This is more applicable in women though. The pressure and friction produced in the perineal area during sex can push the bacteria into the urinary tract that may cause UTI. Urinating before sex can help wash out the opportunistic bacteria around the area. While urinating after sex frees the bacteria that might have invaded the tract. So before you lose your senses around you excuse yourself to the bathroom first and do the ritual. Make it a habit of urinating before and after sex to make ensure your safety of urinary tract infection.

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Comments (7)

oh my these are very practical tips..thank you

Easy to follow advice to avoid UTI.Thank you and voted up.

Voted up. Excellent article

had been very sick of UTI. but thanks for this article. very simple yet powerful indeed

Well written and informative...nice job

Actually, too much Vitamin C can cause UTI.

These are important tips to avoid this painful condition.